Breakfast Menu

La Vita Eggs on Turkish 12 .50 Eggs on Turkish with grilled Roma Tomato Bacon and Eggs 1 5 .50 Bacon, eggs of choice, Roma Tomato, Turkish Bread Big Breakfast 18.50 Eggs of your choice (fried, scrambled or poached), bacon, baked beans, chorizo sausage, hash brown, field mushroom, Roma tomato, Turkish Bread Dolce’s Benedict 1 8 .50 Hot Muffin with poached eggs, spinach, Roma, hollandaise sauce With smoked salmon or with ham Vegie Delight 1 7 .50 GF Grilled polenta toast, poached eggs, mushroom, Roma tomato, Wilted spinach finished with hollandaise sauce Bircher Muesli 1 4 .50 Layers of yoghurt, berries and bircher muesli finished with toasted flaked almonds Thick Fruit Toast with butter 8 . 5 0 Turkish with conserve or vegemite 6. 90 All extra’s will be charged extra 4 .00 (Hash browns, Baked Beans) Smoked Salmon extra 4.50 GF : Gluten Free - For the Kids (12 years and under) - Savoury muffin with one egg 7 . 5 0 With bacon Add 2.00 Ham and cheese topped toasties 6.90